lunes, 23 de septiembre de 2019

Tuning the diameter of the comet's nucleus C/2018 W2 AFRICANO

I find a new correlation of diameter and magnitude absolute , there are several applicable equations to calculate based on the absolute luminosity of a comet, its diameter or its nuclear radius : Delsemme 1987 r nuc = 10^( 1.59-0.199H ) applied this formula ,my calculations indicated r nuc ( C/2048W2 ) = 0.99 kms For Sosa and Fdez ( 2011 ) log D ( kms ) = 1.2-0.13H for this formula D ( kms ) = 0.79 kms assuming p=0.4 g cm3 it is necessary to compile absolute total magnitudes absolutes for all's comets .

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