Mostrando entradas de noviembre, 2018


This new article in Astrophysical journal is quite consistent with the hypothesis that I have been mentioning for several weeks ... comment on the possibility of being in front of a new type of '' comet '' never observed in our solar system, the explanation is based on It deals with an icy body that has been eons traveling among the stars suffering above all the "erosion" of cosmic rays on its surface, leaving a new type of very reflective ice that has never been observed before in a comet, in this way, we can also Explain the non-gravitational accelerations observed. Abstract 1I/'Oumuamua is the first confirmed interstellar body in our solar system. Here we report on observations of 'Oumuamua made with the Spitzer Space Telescope on 2017 November 21–22 (UT). We integrated for 30.2 hr at 4.5 μm (IRAC channel 2). We did not detect the object and place an upper limit on the flux of 0.3 μJy (3σ). This implies an effective spherical diameter less than [98…

Prediction of maximum brightness of comet 46 P/Wirtanen

The recent analysis update of light visual curve based in COBS DATABASE , obtained visual magnitud maximum of m1=+3.5 data 17/ December 2018 , based next photometricals parameters m0=8.9 and activity index n=9.9 this calculations based in classic formula for predicted visual magnitude : m1 = m0 + 5 log ( delta ) + n log ( R )