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News results of comet C/2014 Q3 BORISOV , i calculated the gas to dust mass ratio , basing in data log (QH2O) and Afro parameter , applied the formulae below indicate , the comet is relatively gas rich , the last data of Afro parameter indicate poor activity of dust 80-90 cms. , and my last data of log (OH) = 27.00 mol s-1 , 30 kg/sec. , d log(QH2O) =+12 kg/sec Others preliminar results , the flow velocity of water gas is 0.75 km s-1 , and gas temperature ~ 60 K ( Based in model D.Pierce et al. 2010 ) The increased brightness in the visual indicating increased activity in the Swan bands and cometary molecules of carbon , the last visual observation m1=+10.4 , in the outburst the comet is m1=+11.2 More data , the log Q ( C2 ) ~ 10e24.00 mol s-1 , comparison water rate production of comet 1P/HALLEY , the comet C/2014 Q3 BORISOV , at heliocentric distance r=1.5 au , 10e29 mol s-1 ( Halley ) , 10e27.00 mol s-1 ( Borisov ). To mass of comet C/2014 Q3 BORISOV is calculate by relation of Whipple ( 1976 ) , log M (g) =19.39-0.6 * (m1-5log(d) ) , the preliminar results indicate mass 2.5x10e(17) grs. , for comparison Halley's comet is 22.5x10e(19) grs. The slope of the C2 production rate is simply : log C2 = -n log r and similarly for the water rate production . Dust Production J0 = 2.5 n log r +C for the comet C/2014 Q3 BORISOV this equation is defined for J0 = 23.8 log r + C , C is variable , the author is defined by C = 0.46 log r C2 production , log Q (C2+) = -n log r = 23.8 log r and equal for the water production . The table below indicate the correlation between H2O vs C2 in comets and comparison for comet C/2014 Q3 BORISOV the results indicate the poor activity in C2 , H2O principals gases for sublimation from the nucleus

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