miércoles, 26 de diciembre de 2012

Brake brightness of the comet C/2012 K5

This comet is suffering a'' stop'' brightness, so it follows from the last update of my personal analysis of the light curve of this comet, this stop has occurred after perihelion, and a heliocentric distance of R = 1.2 ua , And T + 20, (20 days after perihelion), the last visual measurement of this comet, which is the 23rd of the situation in MT Hui, m1 = +9.1, the most optimistic estimates placed it at m1 = + 8.0, but given the current visual photometric model of comet, is unlikely to exceed the visual magnitude +9, several hypotheses, this change in behavior, perhaps now, the comet is exposing a less active hemisphere of its nucleus, and this follows in a lower gas-dust activity, there is also the possibility that a change in the prevailing volatile, which quelled the main gas activity would have driven down the rate of increase in brightness, although this is less likely, given its current heliocentric distance, and that this occurs in the heliocentric range 1.4 H20, its current brightness law, is r (-3.8), still below what is normal for r (-4.0), which confirms this drop in activity. The actual photometric visual model is : m1 = 9.4 + 5 log ( d ) + 9.4 log ( r ) Photometrics visuals parameters : m0=+9.4 n=3.8 based in 31 visuals observations from Comet Obs , observadorescometas and Cometas-LIADA.

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